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After-School Clubs

At Churchfield, we believe that after-school clubs are a fundamental part of the school day and our wider offer for the curriculum. 

We are incredibly proud of our outstanding after-school club offer, offering on average over 60 clubs every year, many for free and open to all children! In 2022-23, we had over 1000 places filled in after-school clubs, and are on track to offer even more this year. This is in addition to our Lunchtime Club & Breakfast Club offer in school.  After-schools clubs not only give children the opportunity to develop a new passion or skill or provide exit routes for progression, but give children the chance to work with a range of different children and staff. If you’d like to know anything else about after-school clubs, please speak to Mr Bean.

More Information

See below for more information about our after-school clubs.



Our clubs are completely inclusive and open to everyone. If you think your child may need additional support or adaptations to fully enjoy a club, just let us know!



We are always looking for ways to further improve our offer, so if you have any links or think there is something else we could run, please let us know. For example, it was fed back that our community wanted more clubs for FS2, so in the summer term we opened up more clubs to our youngest children!

Other Clubs

Other Clubs

As well as our standard after-school clubs, we also offer a number of ‘one-off’ clubs and workshops over the year, or limited timed clubs such as theatre, sports events or Young Voices and more. Keep checking the newsletters to see what’s coming up.

How To Book

Booking onto after-school clubs is easy. All bookings can be made within a few taps, using our My Child at School app. Clubs go live at a specific time on an evening to allow all parents the opportunity to sign their children up, and more information can be found on our MCAS page.


Benefits of After-School Clubs

After-school clubs have a number of benefits to both children and parents:

  • Children develop confidence, social skills and communication
  • Children can form relationships with new staff members in school
  • Children can learn a new skills or even find a new hobby
  • Parents have the peace-of-mind that their child is being cared for, and for free or a minimal price
  • Gives more flexibility to working parents or parents with other commitments
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