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School Parliament

Our school parliament is made up of several from Year 2 to Year 6 and forms part of our approach to British Values.


These pupils are elected into the school council by their class and work alongside Mrs Bailey to make a positive impact to our school and give all our pupils a voice to share their opinions and fantastic ideas. The council works hard to raise money for school, and for various charities, as well as working alongside parliament members from other Waterton schools. The School Parliament elect a Chair and Vice-Chair each year and meet twice each half-term.

How does our School Parliament work?


✓ Each class will elect a School Parliament member


✓ Our Class Parliament will have two meetings every half-term


✓ The class decide what they are going to talk about the day before the meeting so that everybody has time to think


✓ The School Parliament Member from each class will go to the School Parliament meeting every half term to put across the classes’ views and the group will make a decision

Chair’s Welcome


Welcome to our School Parliament. We meet every half-term and work with Mrs Bailey to give children a voice in school. We listen to their ideas, discuss them, and think of ways to raise money for good causes. It’s fantastic being part of the School Parliament, because you get to help other children and make decisions.

What is our School Parliament for?


✓ Working and learning together


✓ Learning about democracy


✓ Learning how to play a positive role in our community


✓ Improving our school for everyone


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